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Florent Malouda has scored 22 headered goals for Chelsea FC this season !

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Q: How many goals has Eden Hazard scored for Chelsea?
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What club does Eden Hazard play for?

Eden Hazard currently play for Chelsea Football Club.

What is eden hazard's favorite color?


Have Chelsea signed eden hazard?

Apparently Eden Hazard announced on his twitter account that he will be joining the European champions

When will Eden Hazard announce which team he will join?

He is joining chelsea

What is Eden hazard's weekly wage?

170,000£/week from Chelsea

What number will Eden Hazard be at Chelsea FC?

Eden Hazard's number at Chelsea FC will be number 17.

Who is Chelsea fc number 17?

As of 2012 Eden Hazard is Chelsea FC number 17.

Is eden hazard going to come to Chelsea?

yes for around about 32 million

Is Chelsea going to get a good player?

yes they are they are buying eden hazard and hulk

Which players did Chelsea sign in 2011 t0 2012?

Eden hazard ,marko marin,oscar,thorgan hazard.

Who is Chelsea's playmaker?

there are 8 Chelsea midfielders :CHELSEA SQUAD: MIDFIELDERSMichael EssienRamiresFrank LampardYossi BenayounMikel John ObiFlorent MaloudaYuriy ZhirkovJosh Mceachran

What was the first team that eden hazard when he was yonug?

edan hazard now play for chelsea but i thing he is rubbish he can not fit into the chelsea team his first team was arsenal fotball club in the uk