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4 goals

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Q: How many goals has Asamoah Gyan scored in 2006 and 2010 FIFA world cup Ghana black stars?
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Who was the top goalscorer for Ghana in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Ghana had a total of 5 Goals For (GF) in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Asamoah Gyan scored 3 of them. Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari both scored one.

How many goals have Ghana scored in the 2010 world cup?

5 goals.

Who was Sunderland's top scorer in 2010?

In the 2009 - 2010 season, Darren Bent was Sunderlands top goal scorer. He scored 24 goals in the league, and 25 in all competitions. In the 2010 - 2011 season, Asamoah Gyan scored 10 goals in the league. Although Asamoah Gyan and Darrent Bent scored 11 in all competitions.

How many goals has Asamoah Gyan scored?

As of September 2010,he has scored one league goal for sunderland.You can find out more typing his name into the ask box above.

What team has scored most goals in world cup so far?


Who has scored the most goals in soccer history?

Pelé has scored the most goals. He scored 1281 goals in 1363 games.

How many goals has maradona scored?

He has scored 292 goals in his career.

How many goals has nani scored?

nani has scored 987 goals

How many Goals did Pele scored in Brazil?

He scored a thousand goals.

How much goals has Pele scored?

he's scored 1000 goals

Who scored 400 goals?

Ryan Giggs has scored 400 goals.

Who scored the most soccer goals in history?

Pele scored the most goals ever he scored over 1000 goals in his career

Amy scored a certain number of goals x Beth scored twice as many goals What is the expression for the number of goals Beth scored?

Beth goals = 2x

How many goals has Torres scored for Liverpool?

Maxi has scored 4 goals

How many goals has Messi scored?

how many goals has messi scored

How many goals did robinho scored?

robinho scored 110 goals in his career.

How many goals has ronaldinho scored this season?

Ronaldinho have scored 185 goals

Who has scored the most own goals ever?

Pele has scored the most goals

How many goals were scored in 2006 world cup?

There were 147 goals scored.

How many goals has sneijder scored in 2010 WC?

He has scored 5 goals.

Number of goals scored by messi?

He scored 53 goals last season.

How many goals has lampard scored in his career?

Lampard has scored 126 goals.

How many goals has tottenham scored this season?

they have scored 9 goals this season

Who has scored most goals ever?

Pele has scored the most goals ever with over 1200 goals.

What is the most goals scored?

The most goals by a soccer player is by Pele , who has scored over a thousand goals in his life..