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Thierry Henry scored a total of 58 goals in his first two seasons for Arsenal. In the first season he scored 26 goals and 32 in the second season.

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Q: How many goals did thierry Henry score in his first two seasons for arsenal?
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How many goals scored Theory Henry for arsenal?

Thierry Henry has scored 229 goals for Arsenal (226 when he was first at the club, and then 3 more during his loan spell back at Arsenal), making him Arsenal's top goalscorer of all time.

How much money did thierry Henry make in his first year of soccer?

Thierry Henry may not have made much money at his first football club Monaco, nor at Juventus where he was a substitute and was unhappy in Italy. but it was Arsene Wenger who gavehim a chance at Arsenal , and he broke Ian Wrights record, before moving to Barcelona.

When did thierry Henry start to play soccer?

Thierry Henry first started to play club football at Monaco , he could have started in 1988.

Who was thierry Henry first goal against?

Manchester United

When did thierry Henry play his first world cup?

Henry played his first world cup in 1998.

What year did thierry Henry play his first world cup?

Henry played his first world cup in 1998.

Who was the the first person to score a premier league goal?

thierry henry

Did Thiery Henry got a red card in Arsenal?

Thierry Henry debuted for Arsenal in August 1999, the start of the 1999-2000 season. He gained his first red card in this season, in a European match against Werder Bremen.Between this and his departure at the end of the 2006-07 season, he did not receive another red card for the team.

What was the first team thierry Henry palyed for?

His first senior team appearance was with Monaco.

When was thierry Henry's first goal for a.s. monaco?

It was 1st January 1989.

Who scored Arsenal's first Champions League goal?


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