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Q: How many goals did teddy sheringham score in his whole football career?
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How many goals did Maradona score in his whole football career?

Scored about 1100

How many goals did Allen Shearer score during his football career?


How many goals did Pele score in career?

Pele has scored 1,200 odd goals in his career, he is the only player to score over 1,000 goals.

How many goals did cronaldo score in his career?

159 goals

How many goals did bobby score in his career?

270 goals !

How many goals did Fernando Torres score in his whole football career?

Espana: 178 Liverpool: 97 Atheletico Madrid: 105 Chelsea: 0 Answer: 406 Goals

How many goals did Steve yzerman score in his career?

Steve Yzerman scored 692 goals in his career.

How man goals did Romario score in his career?


How many goals did Wendel Clark score all together in his life?

How many goals did Wendell Clark score in his career

Who score most goals in European club football?

Raul with 71 goals

Who is the player score highest goals in football?


What do they call it when you score 3 goals?

In football, a hattrick