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pavel datsyuk scored 11 goals in his rookie year

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Q: How many goals did pavel datsyuk get in his rookie year?
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How many Stanley cups did Pavel Datsyuk win?

Two of them.

How many Russians are on the red wings?

One currently. He is Pavel Datsyuk(A).

How many Stanley cups has Pavel Datsyuk won?

2 (2002 and 2008)

How many times has Pavel Datsyuk won the Selke Trophy?

3 times

How many goals does datsyuk have this season?

32, his career high

How many times has Pavel Datsyuk assisted a Henrik Zetterberg goal?

More then anyone can ever count.

How many Stanley Cups have Detroit Red Wings won with Pavel Datsyuk?

2 (2002, 2008).

How many Stanley Cups did the Detroit Red Wings win with Pavel Datsyuk?

2, 1992 and 1998.

How many goals did Joe Nieuwendyk score in his rookie year?

51 goals.

How many goals did Teemu selanne score in his rookie season?

76, which is a rookie goal record.

How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his rookie season?


How many NHL players scored 50 goals in their rookie season?


How many goals did Steve yzerman score in his rookie season?

39 Goals and 87 points well that's what i remember

Who is better Datsyuk or Zetterberg?

Many people disagree on this, though in my experience I have found that Datsyuk is commonly considered the better player.

How many points did Alexander Ovechkin get in his rookie season?

106, 52 goals, and 50 assists

How many field goals did Ali Haji-Sheikh make his rookie year?

35.In Haji-Sheikh's rookie season of 1983 for the New York Giants, he made 35 field goals in 42 attempts for an 83.3% accuracy.

Who is the best European ice hockey player?

Overall, in my humble opinion, the best Euro player now is Alex Ovechkin. However, many would probably say Pavel Datsyuk, Daniel & Henrik Sedin or Evgeni Malkin. And if you're talking about position, you'd have to go with Nicklas Lidstrom on defense and Antti Niemi in goal.

How many Nascar races do you have to start in your rookie season to finish your rookie year?


How many rookie quarterbacks have been to the Super Bowl?

Kurt Warner won as a rookie with the Rams

How many rookie of the year awards did Johnny Bench win?

The 1968 National League rookie of the year winner was Johnny Bench. You can only win the rookie of the year one time. Your rookie season.

How many interceptions did Peyton Manning throw as a rookie?

he threw 28 interceptions as a rookie with 26 touchdowns

How many goals did he score?

I have a question for you: How many goals did WHO score?

How many goals have arsenal had?

0.5 goals

How many goals will there be in the 2010 world cup?

There will be many goals, but nobody will score over six goals.

How many games did Peyton Manning start in his rookie year?

He started all 16 games in his rookie season.