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Q: How many goals did john Collins score against rangers?
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How many goals did Scotland score in 1998 World Cup finals?

Two. John Collins with a penalty against Brazil and Craig Burley against Norway.

Highest score ever recorded in the football league?

Rangers against Celtic the score was 8-2 to rangers

How many goals did barry Ferguson score for rangers fc?

fifa 10

When did Kris Boyd score against Celtic playing for rangers?

Boyd has scored 162 goals for rangers Boyd is the best player for rangerss boydy boy number 9

How many goals did Alistair McCoist score for Rangers?

Between 1983 and 1998 he made 418 appearances and scored 251 goals.

Did Alfie Conn ever score for Celtic against rangers?


How much league goals did Alister McCoist score for Glasgow Rangers?

He scored 251 league goals, and a total of 355 in all competitions.

What does an attakers do in soccer?

They try to score goals against the goalie.

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