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Making 265 appearances for the Red Devils David Beckham has scored 85 times.

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Q: How many goals did beckham score while he played for that club?
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How many goals did David Beckham score while playing for LA Galaxy?

he has scores seven goals for LA galaxy

Does zidane is better than beckham?

From my opinion, yes,zidane is better than beckham. Because zidane do better skills in the match. Zidane has scores 128 goals and beckham has scored 94 goals. Zidane has scored 31 goals in international while david beckham has scored 17 goals.

How many goals has david beckham scored while in play for England?


What is the different with David Beckham and Michael Owen?

The big difference between David Beckham and Michel Owen is that Beckham is a midfielder , while Michel Owen is a striker, and Beckham is a free kick specialist, while Owen is a poacher and header of goals.

How many goals did Ruud van Nistelrooy score while in Manchester United?

44 goals!!

How many goals did Stanley Matthews score while playing for England?

He scored 11 goals for England.

How many goals has david beckham scored for England?

Bekham has scored a total of 17 goals in 112 appearances while playing for the English national team.

Who was the first player to score fifty goals while wearing a helmet?

Jean Pronovost

What team did Beckham play for when he kicked another player?

Beckham played for Manchester United at the time but the situation was the 1998 France World Cup game between England and Argentina. Simeone fouled Beckham and then Beckham swung his leg at Simeone while on the floor.

How many goals did Collins mbesuma score against Orlando pirates while still kaiser chiefs?


What is the aim of field hockey?

To score more goals than the other team, while stopping from scoring against you.

What does E on the DIFF in Hockey stats mean?

it's referring to the plus/minus stat while a player is on the ice. Is the team PLUS a number of goals or MINUS a number of goals? Well, the E stands for EVEN, as the players team has played to an EVEN score while he has been on the ice. Not plus, and not minus. E for EVEN. (Inn)

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