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Q: How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his rookie season?
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What is the NHL record for goals?

season- Wayne Gretzky 92 ever- Wayne Gretzky 892

In Wayne Gretzky's whole life how many goals did he get?

Wayne Gretzky got 894 goals in the regular season and 122 goals in the playoffs.

What is NHL record for the most goals?

season- Wayne Gretzky 92 ever- Wayne Gretzky 892

How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in one season?

92 Goals

Most goals in NHL season?

Wayne Gretzky 92

Who scored most goals in NHL season?

Wayne gretzky

Most NHL goals in a season?

Wayne Gretzky with 92

What hockey player in the NHL had the most goals in a season?

wayne gretzky

Who has scored the most 50 goals in a hockey season?

Wayne Gretzky.

How may points did Wayne Gretzky have in his rookie season?

Gretzky had his rookie season in the WHA (Indianapolis Racers) and his first season in the NHL was in Edmonton but not his rookie season as the WHA was a pro league at the time. He had 137 points with the Oilers and missed getting the Art Ross Trophy as top scorer because Marcel Dionne of LA had more goals.

When did Wayne Gretzky score 92 goals in a season?

in the 1981-1982 season of hockey

How many career goals did Wayne Gretzky score?

Wayne Gretzky started his pro career in the old WHA where he scored 46 regular season goals and 10 playoff goals. In the NHL, Gretzky scored 894 regular season goals and another 122 in the playoffs . Taking his pro career regular season and playoff scoring as a total , Wayne Gretzky scored 1062 goals. He also scored a total of 218 childhood goals which in total is 1290 goals.

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