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He scored 11 goals for England.

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2014-01-04 23:26:11
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Q: How many goals did Stanley Matthews score while playing for England?
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How much goals did Austin Matthews score on his NHL debut?

4 goals

How many goals has david beckham scored for England?

Bekham has scored a total of 17 goals in 112 appearances while playing for the English national team.

How many goals steven Gerrard has scored for England?

42 goals for England and 145for Liverpool

How many goals did Bobby Charlton score for England?

He scored 49 goals for England.

How many goals has England scored up 2010?

There were four goals scored by England.

Who are the all time premier league goal scorers?

Ten top ten goalscorers in English Premier League history are:Alan Shearer (England, 260 goals), Andy Cole (England, 187 goals), Thierry Henry (France, 174), Robbie Fowler (England, 163 goals), Les Ferdinand (England, 149 goals), Teddy Sheringham (England, 147 goals), Michael Owen (England, 146 goals)*, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Netherlands, 127 goals), Dwight Yorke (Trinidad and Tobago, 123 goals) and Robbie Keane (Republic of Ireland, 121 goals)*.*Michael Owen and Robbie Keane both are still playing in the Premier League with Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur respectively.(As of November 2009)

How much goals did David Beckham score for England?

he score alot for England when he first started England but we all no he sccored 17 goals or more through out playing for England david beckham plays for England and he also plays for manu he has also played over 100 games and played at least 100 games for his team ..

Who scored the most goals in the England team?

Bobby Charlton scored 49 goals for England.

How many goals has steven gerrad scored for England?

steven gerrad had scored 65 goals for England

How many goals did Paul Scholes score for England?

he was capped 66 for England scoring 14 goals

How many goals has Theo Walcott scored for England?

He has scored 5 goals for England, as of the end of 2013.

How many goals has Gerrard scored for England?

steaven Gerrard has scored 201 goals in England and Liverpool

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