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He scored once agaisnt West Ham United at Upton Park. This made Giggs the only player score in every Premier League season.

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Q: How many goals did Ryan giggs score in this year's epl?
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Who scored 400 goals?

Ryan Giggs has scored 400 goals.

Is Ryan giggs 40?

yes Ryan giggs is 40 years old

How many fa cup goals has giggs scored?

In his whole career, Ryan Giggs has scored 11 FA Cup goals.

How old is Ryan giggs-Manchester uinted?

Ryan Giggs is 37 years old.

How man goals has Ryan giggs scored for wales?


How many goals has ryan giggs scored for man you?


How many goals has Ryan giggs scored in his premier league career?

104 goals

How many goals has Ryan Giggs scored in his life?

12 goals for wales

How old is Ryan Giggs?

Ryan Giggs is 44 years old (birthdate: November 29, 1973).

Which team has Ryan giggs scored the most goals against?

Ryan Giggs scored more goals on Tottenham Hotspur than any other team he faced. He ended with 10 career goals against them.

How long has Ryan giggs played for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has been with Manchester United for 25 years

In 1994-95 season when did Ryan Giggs score his only goal?