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It issaid Pele has scored 1284 goals in all, approved by F.i.F.A.

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77 for Brazil

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Q: How many goals did Pele scored for Brazil?
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How many players has scored 1000 goals and their names?

Romario and Pele of Brazil hold this record.

How many goals have Brazil's Pele scored in his football career?

Pele the great footballer from brazil, is the only footballer in history to score over 1,200 goals. Romario also claimed scoring 1000 goals but F.I.F.A do not consider all those goals as goals to be counted.

How many goals did Pele score?

Pele has scored 1,281 goals.

How many goals has Pele scored in one a year?


How many goals did Pele score in career?

Pele has scored 1,200 odd goals in his career, he is the only player to score over 1,000 goals.

What is the highest number of goals scored by a player for a club and who has scored it?

There are undoubtedly many players who have scored billions of goals for their local club. However if we only look at players who have played for the top clubs in the world and represented their country, the answer would have to be Pele. Pele has scored over 1000 goals for club and country, 1281 to be precise.

How many international goal did Pele score?

Pele scored 77 goals playing for the Brasil national team,

How many goals did Pele score in New York cosmos?

He scored 64 goals there according to wikipedia

How many goals did Maradona score?

Throughout his career Diego Maradona scored 352 goals. 352 not even close to what pele scored

How many soccer players have scored over 1000 goals?

I only know of 2 1. Pele 2. Romario both played for brazil Hop it hepls

How many goals did Pele score for the new york cosmos?

in 56 appearances he scored 31 goals.

How many goals did Pele score in 4 world cup final tournaments?

In the three world cups Pele played in he must have scored only 10 goals.