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Q: How many goals did Pele score in all?
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How many goals did Pele score in 1959 copa America?

Pelé has scored the all time highest number of goals during a single season 1959 .how many goals did he score?

How many goals did Pele score in all the world cups he ever played?

In the three world cups Pele played in he must have scored only 10 goals.

How many goals have Brazil's Pele scored in his football career?

Pele the great footballer from brazil, is the only footballer in history to score over 1,200 goals. Romario also claimed scoring 1000 goals but F.I.F.A do not consider all those goals as goals to be counted.

How many goals did Pele scored for Brazil?

It issaid Pele has scored 1284 goals in all, approved by F.i.F.A.

How many goals score?

All of them. If it doesn't score it's not a goal.

How many goals did Wendel Clark score all together in his life?

How many goals did Wendell Clark score in his career

How many goals did the all whites score in 2010 world cup?

2 goals.

How many goals did ronaldinho score in all for Brazil?


How many goals did Thierry Henry score for Barcelona in his career?

98 Goals in all competitions.

How many goals have ronaldinho score all his career?

Ronoldhino has scored 892 goals in his career.

How many goals did the all whites score at the world cup?

They scored two goals only.

How many goals did Pele?

Pele is one of the most celebrated football legends of all time. He scored a total of 1, 281 goals in a total of 1, 363 games. The total number of goals includes those scored in friendly matches and tours.

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