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In the three world cups Pele played in he must have scored only 10 goals.

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Pele has played in three world cups.

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Q: How many goals did Pele score in 4 world cup final tournaments?
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How many goals did Australia score in the 1974 world cup final?

they scored no goals

Which year did wanye Rooney score two goals at world cup final?

Wayne Rooney has never scored 2 goals at a World Cup final.

How many goals did Bobby Moore score in the world cup final?

54 how am i suposed to know

How many goals SA has scored in the world cup tournaments and by who?

3 goals

Has muller from Germany score the most goals in a world cup final?

No, it's Just Fontaine of France.

How many goals did Germany score against Brazil in the semi-final game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Germany won by 7 goals to 1.

How many goals has Kloser scored at FIFA world cup tournaments?

Kloser has scored 14 goals in the world cup.

How many goals did Fernando Torres score in world cup qualifying?

He did not score any goals in the World Cup qualifier.

Who is the only player to have score goals for two different teams in the world cup final?

Must be a yugoslavian player and then played for Croatia.

How many goals did England score in the 1966 world cup?

Geoff Hurst scored the only hat-trick ever in a World Cup final, and Martin Peters scored the other.

What was the score of the 2008 fifa cup game?

The score in the final game of world cup2008 was France 3 Brazil-0. With two goals scored by Zidane and one by Petit.

Which shirt number has produced the most goals in world cup tournaments?