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Q: How many goals did Pele score against England in his career?
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How many goals did Pele score against England?


Who did Bobby Moore score against for England?

He scored two goals for England. One was against Poland and the other was against Norway.

How many goals did Wayne Ronney score in his career?

Wayne Rooney has scored 136 career goals 92 for Manchester united, 15 for Everton an 26 for England.

How many goals C Ronaldo scored in his career against Chelsea in premier league?

How many goals Ronaldo score against Chelsea at Manchester United

How many goals did England score in the 2006 world cup?

England scored 6 goals in that tournament. 1 against Paraguay, 2 against Trinidad & Tobago, 2 against Sweden, and 1 against Ecuador.

How many goals did Pele score in career?

Pele has scored 1,200 odd goals in his career, he is the only player to score over 1,000 goals.

How many goals did cronaldo score in his career?

159 goals

How many goals did bobby score in his career?

270 goals !

How many goals did Kenny Daglish score against Liverpool?

Kenny Daglish never played a competitive game against Liverpool in his career.

How many goals did Steve yzerman score in his career?

Steve Yzerman scored 692 goals in his career.

How man goals did Romario score in his career?


How many goals did England score in the 2008 European cup?

England did not score any goals at Euro 2008 because they failed to qualify for it.