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Q: How many goals did LEV YASHIN score in his career?
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How many goals did cronaldo score in his career?

159 goals

How many goals did bobby score in his career?

270 goals !

How many goals did Pele score in career?

Pele has scored 1,200 odd goals in his career, he is the only player to score over 1,000 goals.

How many goals did Steve yzerman score in his career?

Steve Yzerman scored 692 goals in his career.

How many goals did Wendel Clark score all together in his life?

How many goals did Wendell Clark score in his career

How many career goals did Tony Lockett score?


How many goals did Nielsen Mandela score in his career?


How many goals did Abu Trika score in his career?


How many goal did Nani score his whole career?

he didnt score a lot of goals because he is a right wing and assists many goals.

How many goals did Jurgen Klinsmann score?

Jurgen Klinsmann scored 232 career goals.

How many goals has luis figo score in his career?

9 goals in 105 appearances.

How many own goals did frank sinclair score in his career?