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Gary Hooper scored 63 goals from 95 matches.

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Q: How many goals did Gary Hooper score for Celtic?
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Who is the best player in Celtic?

Gary hooper

What team did Gary hooper come to Celtic from?


Where does Celtic player Gary hooper live?

in scotland but orignally lives in essex

Has gary hooper from celtic got a girlfriend?

Yes i met him in Sugar Cube he was with his Girlfriend.

How many international goals did Gary Linekar score?

48 goals.

Is Gary hooper a good player?

Yes he is he is a very skillful player and he is good at scoring goals

When was Gary Hooper born?

Gary Hooper was born on 1988-01-26.

When was Gary Hooper - Paralympian - born?

Gary Hooper - Paralympian - was born on 1939-02-11.

Who has scored against Celtic for three different teams in the champions league?

Gary Caldwell 3 Own goals.

Is Gary Hooper always offside?


How much goals did Gary Neville score in premier league?

Gary Neville scored five goals in 400 Premier League fixtures for Manchester United between 1992 and 2011.

What nationality is Gary hooper?

English, he is from Essex.