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Geoff Hurst scored the only hat-trick ever in a World Cup final, and Martin Peters scored the other.

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11 goals

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Q: How many goals did England score in the 1966 world cup?
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What year did England win the FIFA World Cup for the first time?

They played USA on Saturday 12th June 2010, the score was 1-1.

Which country won the 1966 World Cup?

The country that won the 1966 World Cup is England after beating Germany 4 goals to 2.

When was the last time that Brazil did not score any goals in the FIFA world cup?

Brazil have never failed to score a goal at a world cup. Even in 1930 and in 1966 when they went out in the group stage, they have still scored goals.

What is the score in the 1966 world cup Final?

England 4~2 Germany a hat-trick by Geoff hurst gave England the win

3 Who did England play in the 1966 World Cup Football final and what was the score?

England won the final, beating West Germany 4-2.

Who scored highest number of goals in 1966 football world cup final match?

Geoff Hurst (England).

Did England's soccer team win a world cup?

Yes! they did once in 1966 at London, England, against West Germany. England's winning score was 4-2.

How many world cups do England have?

As of 2009, England have only won one World Cup. That was in 1966, where the tournament was held in England. In front of a packed crowd at Wembley, England beat West Germany 4-2 after extra-time. In that match, Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick (3 goals).

Who has score a hatrick for England since 1966 world cup final?

No English footballer has ever scored a hat trick in a world cup final match after Geoff Hurst in 1966.

How many goals did Sir Bobby Charlton score at the 1966 World cup?

3 goals. He scored both the goals against Portugal in the semi-final and 1 goal against Mexico in Group stages

What was the score when England won Germany in 1966?

England 5 - 2 West Germany.

How many goals did jimmy greaves score in the World Cup 1966 finals?

Jimmy Greaves scored 44 goals for England. Jimmy Greaves scored 44 goals off of 57 appearances for England. Currently standing as the best strike rate for England.