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Q: How many goal keeper are in a football team?
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Who is the goal keeper for the Spanish football team?

Iker Casillas

Who is the goal keeper for Nottingham forest football team?

Karl darlow

What is the name of France's main goal keeper?

The goal keeper in the French football team as of 2014 is named Hugo Lloris. He is also the team captain since 2012.

Why is the England football team so crap?

It's just the goal keeper I mean we could have won yeasterdays game but because of the goal keeper leting in that football in we lost.

Who is the goal keeper of Indian hockey team?

Adrian D'Souza is the goal keeper of Indian Hockey team.

Who was the goal keeper of Indian hockey team?

Adrian D'Souza is the goal keeper of Indian hockey team.

Does a football goal keeper have to wear gloves?

There is only one extra requirement for a goal keeper's equipment. One player must be the designated goal keeper and they must wear a different color than either team or the opposing goal keeper. There are no requirements in the laws for gloves or long sleeves.

Is Germany a good football team?

Yes! Germany is a good football team. They play well and they are good sportsmanship! And manuel neuer (the goal keeper) is great

Can a keeper score a goal?

A goal keeper has all the privileges of his team-mates and may score a goal.

Why is a goalkeeper so important in football?

goal keeper is considered as the important player in a football team. he is the only player who can use hand. he is the guardian of the team and a saver. that's why goalkeepers are important in football.

Who is the goal keeper of US women's football team in Olympics 2008 gold medal match with Brazil?

Hope Solo

What would be the four most important positions to fill in a new football team?

goal keeper, centre, defence and attacker

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