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David Beckham has scored 97 goals during his career. The most goals he scored for one team is 62 goals for Manchester United. He also scored an additional 17 goals for England's national team.

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Q: How many goal has david beckham scored in his career?
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Who scored a goal directly from a corner kick?

David Beckham

How many shots on goal so far for David Beckham?

He scored 182 so far.

What team was did David Beckham scored his first England goal?

It was Manchester United as he came from its youth team.

Has Bruce Grobbelaar scored a goal in his career as a goal keeper?

Yes he scored one when he was on loan at Crewe Alexandra.

How far was the furthest ever goal kick in soccer?

Well I don't know, I think it's David Beckham, I know it is! It's not David Beckham, he's not even a goalkeeper (goal keepers normally take goal kicks).Unless the question is actually asking what's the furthest out a goal has been scored from. Even then the answer isn't Beckham; he has famously scored from close to the half way line early in his career but several players have scored from their own half. I remember a goal by a goalkeeper (Pat Jennings I think) which was scored by a long kick from his hands from his own penalty area, the ball buounced over the GK at the other end and into the net...But if the question really is about the longest goal kick (i.e. a player kicking the ball from within the six yard box folloiwn the attacking side putting the ball wide of or over ther goal and between the cornber flags) I don't know!

Who did David Beckham score an own goal against?

David Beckham scored an own goal in the match between Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers on 22 August 2001 at Old Trafford. The match ended in a 2-2 draw with Beckham sealing the equaliser for the Red Devils in the 78th minute. Match report:

When did Stoichkov score his last career goal?

Stoichkov scored his last goal for Sofia f.c.

What was the best moment of Pele?

when he scored his first and last goal of his career

Who is the youngest player to score a goal in soccer world cup as at 2004 David Beckham deigo maradona or Pele?

David Beckham was the youngest player in 1994 to score a goal. Pele had already retired by then.

Who scored the winning goal in the uefa champions league final at wembly?

It was scored by david Villa.

Was David Beckham ever in a movie?

Yes he was in the first of the three Goal! films He also appeared in Bend It Like Beckham.

Who scored the first goal Ireland v England Lansdowne Road on 15.2.95?

David Kelly scored the first goal for Ireland. It came after 21 minutes. David Platt scored what would have been England's first goal, but it was disallowed. The match was abandoned shortly after that due to a riot. So David Kelly's goal was the first and only goal of the match.

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