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Must be 315 in Spain and world cup and champion league.

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Q: How many goal has Raul Gonzales scored in his career?
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How many goals did Raul Gonzales score against Barcerlona?

raul scored 15 goals against Barcelona: 11 goals in la league ,, 3 goals in super cup ,, 1 goal in Europe .

Top british club scorer in Europe?

Top goal scorer is the Spaniard Raul Gonzales.

Current European leagues top goal scorer?

The highest Europen goalscorer is raul Gonzales of Spain.

Has Bruce Grobbelaar scored a goal in his career as a goal keeper?

Yes he scored one when he was on loan at Crewe Alexandra.

When did Stoichkov score his last career goal?

Stoichkov scored his last goal for Sofia f.c.

What was the best moment of Pele?

when he scored his first and last goal of his career

Who is the current highest goal scorer in the European champions league?

Currently, the highest goal scorer in the European League is shared by Raul and Messi. Both of them have scored 71 goals.

How many goals messi scored in champions league?

Messi has scored 56 goals in the CL. He ranks second in the highest goal scorers list which is lead by Raul with 71 goals.

How many goal messi scored in his career so far?

Messi has scored 173 goals in his career so far. 158 at club level. 15 for his country, Argentina.

When did Romario score his last official career goal?

Romario scored his last goal for the club Vasco Da Gama.

How many goals has Edwin van der Sar scored in his professional club career?

he has scored 1 goal for ajax in 1996

Who is the top champions league goal scorer?

The top scorer of champions league is shared by Raul and Lionel Messi. They both have scored a record 71 goals.