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A catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, right fielder, center fielder, and left fielder. (9 players)

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2012-07-12 01:38:31
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Q: How many girls play on the field in softball?
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Seventy girls play soccer in the fall and sixty girls play softball in spring Forty-five girls play both how many girls play soccer softball or both?

130 girls play softball, soccer, or both

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girls or men who play softball

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Not many boys play softball but it is not illegal. im 11 and i almost pitch bbetter softball than baseball. ( i play baseball). so if i could find a league that guys play softball, i would go there definitly. the reason most girls play softball because back ago, girls were not allowed to play baseball so they created softball. it was just a sexus thing to do.

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I think it is about 56 million.

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10 on the field

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