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Hes A Pimp Hes Dated around 5326 girls and 21 guys

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Q: How many girls have Shawn Michaels dated?
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How many kids does Shawn Michaels have?

Shawn Michaels has 2 children

How many children does Shawn Michaels have?

Shawn Michaels has 2 children

How many WrestleMania matches did Shawn Michaels win?


How many matches did Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels had?

They nvr fought before

How many tombstones did the undertaker use to beat Shawn Michaels at wrestle-mania 26?

3 the two shawn kicked out 1 when shawn slapped the undertaker in he face

How many WWE titles did Shawn Michaels win?

about 45 title he won he is the best

How many girls has Daniel Radcliffe dated?

Daniel has dated 2 girls.

Shawn Michaels has how many brothers?

He has two brothers Randy and Scott and one sister Shari

How many girls have eminem dated?

He's dated a lot of girls he even claims to have dated Mariah Carey for about 6 months.

How many girls has Drake Bell dated?

He's dated about 14 girls, including me Queen Latifah

How many girls did ray ray dated from mindless behavior?

He has dated few girls but his current girlfriend is Dejah Abraham.

How many children has hbk got?

Shawn Michaels has 2 kids a son born in 2000 and a daughter born in 2004