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A single layer game has around 4.37 GB while a dual layer game has around 8 GB

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Q: How many gigabytes a Nintendo Wii game have?
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What are the blocks for on the Nintendo?

Blocks are the measure of memory that Nintendo uses on the Wii instead of bytes (megabytes, gigabytes). They are used to measure the size of software and game saves on the Wii.

What were the first 32gb video game systems?

The Nintendo Wii was the first video game system to have 32 gigabytes of memory. Nowadays it is more common to find systems with as much as 250gb of storage space.

What are the advantages of Nintendo Wii?

It is the least expensive console and although not as good at the Xbox 360 250 GB and PS3 320 GB models it does cost less and the newly released game are also less expensive.

How many consoles have been made?

Starting from the beginning, they have made the: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) (Also called the Famicom) SNES (Super Ninte....System) (Super Famicom) Virtual Boy N64 (Nintendo 64) (not including the N64 DD) Gamecube and, lastly, the... Wii So, console wise, they have made 6. Handhelds, for somewhat obvious reasons, were not included here, but if they were (without all of the added variants), they would bring the total to 10.

How much more does the wii cost then the Playstation 2?

$50 more for a Wii bundle that includes a game at $149.99 over the $100 new PS2 cost The bundled Nintendo Wii is $100 less than a PS3 160 GB Model and $50 less than an Xbox 4GB

When was the first Nintendo Wii game launched?

The first Nintendo Wii game was launched the same year the console was launched, which was 2006. Since then, there have been many games released for the Nintendo Wii.

Can you buy Mario and the 6 golden coins for Wii with Wii points?

No, as far as i know Nintendo doesn't make GB, GBC or GBA games for the Virtual Console

How much gigabite does the wii have?

Sadly the Nintendo Wii doesn't even have a single gigabyte of storage space. It has a half gig (512 Megabytes) of internal flash memory :(

How many gigabytes does a Nintendo wii sd card hold?

The Wii has an internal .5 gigabyte flash memory on it's hard drive, which is 512 megabytes on the Wii's hard drive.

Is the game De Blob on psp?

no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii.

Who invented the game Mario Kart?

i found this on wikipediaMario Kart Wii​ (マリオカートWii?) is a racing game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development and published by Nintendo for the Wii console.

Which is better PS3 or Nintendo 360?

The PS3 is much better than a Nintendo Wii and the Xbox makes the Xbox 360 not Nintendo and the PS3 is much better than the Xbox 360 4 GB model at least, if not all models