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Q: How many games will Diaby miss due to hi sending off?
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Who has aunty em been sending statues to?

Aunty em has been sending the statues to MISS GULCH.

How many games are you allowed to miss for pop warner?

you are allowed to miss two games. If you miss more, you are not allowed to participate in competition.

If the oil sending unit on a 1995 neon is bad will it miss?

No it will not cause an engine miss.

How many games did Emmitt Smith miss?


How many games did Lou gehrig miss?


How many games did Lebron miss last year?


How many games do you miss in soccer for a red card?


How many games did Michael Jordan miss in his career?


How many games did Kobe Bryant miss in his career?


How many games do you miss for a red card?

You get ejected from the game you got the red card in and then you miss the next match.

How many games did Barry Sanders miss in pro career?


Why do parents have trouble with sending their kids to daycare?

because they will miss there child

How many games do you miss in world cup for a red card?

1 or 2

How many games did emmitt smith miss during his days with the cowboys?


How many games you miss for a second yellow card in one game?

You miss 1 game for a second yellow card in one game.

How many games did Derek Jeter miss in 2010?

Derek Jeter missed five games during the 2010 season. He played in 157 games.

How many next games shall red carded player miss in soccer?

Only 1.

How many games do you miss if you get sent of in football?

It depends on what you did to get the red card but it is usually one game.

How many games does a player misses after red card in CAF tournaments?

i play soccer myself......... I think that you miss 1 or 2 games

How can you get free college t shirts?

Sending emails the admissions office and it is then a hit and miss if you get a shirt or not.

Do you miss a game if a NBA player is ejected?

No, you miss 100 games.

How many total games has Ole Miss Played since their first game and how many wins and losses do they have?

theyre 600-463-35 so theyve played 1098 games

How do i say i miss you?

simply call him or her and tell i miss you. tell them to meet you and give a card saying i miss you. text them that i miss you. as simple as that.

Why do people blame Miss Narwin by sending Philip to the principal office?

Some People would blame Miss Narwin because people thought that Philip was beginning funny.

How many games do you miss in Football for a red card?

The rest of the match you received the card in along with the next match