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Q: How many games were played in the first season 1946 to 1947 in the NBA?
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When did the Cleveland Browns get started?

in 1946 they played in a league called the all American football league. AAFL in 1950 they merged with the NFL. They won the first championship they played in 1950. The Cleveland browns were the first team the win all of their games in one season.

When was the Cleveland Browns first season?

1946 in the AAFC

When was Baltimore Ravens created?

The first season the Ravens played in Baltimore was 1996. The team had previously played in Cleveland and were known as the Browns since 1946 ... 1946-1949 in the All American Football Conference and 1950-1995 in the NFL.

Has the NFL always played 16 games per season?

No. The NFL started playing a 16 game regular season in 1978. Since 1937, an NFL regular season was 14 games between 1961-1977, 12 games between 1947-1960, 10 games between 1943-1946, and 11 games between 1937-1942.

How many night games played by Yankees in 1946?

10 yayahaha

Who scored the first point ever in NBA history?

Ossie Schectman was the player that is credited with sinking the first points in NBA history. He played one season in the NBA, 1946-1947.

Who took dutch league of 1946?

This depends on the season you are referring to. If you are referring to the 1945-1946 season it was: Haarlem If you are referring to the 1946-1947 season it was: Ajax

When was the first time plexiglass was used in a hockey arena?

Toronto, 1946-47 season.

Who were the first NBA champions?

The first NBA champions were the Philadelphia Warriors. They won the first NBA championship (back when it was still the BAA) in the 1946-47 season, defeating the Chicago Stags 4 games to 1 in the finals.

Longest winning streak for Boston Red Sox?

Through the 2008 season, that is 15 games between April 25, 1946 and May 7, 1946.

How many games in 1946 baseball season?

154 there is a total of 162 game in the season plus the world series and the playoffs and the all-star-break

Who won the first NBA title?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the first NBA title for the 1946-47 season.

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