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Q: How many games of football have Southampton got left to play in the championship?
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How many people were on board the titanic when it left Southampton?

205 were on board the titanic when it left Southampton

How many games are left in the Coca Cola Championship League?


From Where was the Titanic dismiss?

it first left from southampton

What college has lost both the basketball and football championship in the same season?

Villanova is the only school to have won the NCAA Division I Football Championship (2009) and the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship (1985).Florida in 2006 is it. Michigan State University 1950 and 60's in football. '79 and '00 for basketball.MichiganMichigan StateOhio Statelet's not forget UCLA, Florida and Maryland.Don't forget the Razorbacks of Arkansas - football 1964 (unfairly split with Alabama), basketball 1994UCLA's football championship was shared with Ohio State in 1954, so that response a little iffy. One school you've left out; in fact, the only private university to win both football & men's basketball championships-> Syracuse (football- 1959;men's basketball- 2003)California also has won both and, if you accept shared football championships, Stanford too (another private university).

How fast was the titanic going when it left Southampton?

27 knots

When the titanic left Southampton for New York?

April 10, 1912

Where in the UK was the Titanic's destination?

Titanic left Southampton and was expected to return there.

How many games left in the football season?

10 as most teams have played 28!

How many games did usc football win in 2009?

USC is currently 7-3 with 2 games left to play.

What day did the titanic arrive at Southampton?

it left 12:15 pm on Wednesday10th April 1912.

Where did the Titanic sail from in her maiden voyage?

She left Southampton, stopped at a few ports, and started across the Atlantic to New York.

Where did the titanic start and where was it headed?

Titanic left Southampton for Cherbourg, France and left Queenstown, Ireland for New York City.