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It is best of 7. as of may 8 it is tied at 2 games but the penguins are winning 2-0 with 7:10 left in game 5

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Q: How many games in the Stanley Cup series between Pittsburgh and Montreal?
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Who won the Stanley cup in 1892-93?

The Montreal AAA won the Stanley in the 1892-93 series.

What song did the Montreal Canadiens use during the 2003-2004 Stanley Cup series?

you can dance if you want to

Where was the first Stanley cup?

The first amateur contest for the Stanley Cup was played in 1892 in Montreal. The winning team was known as "The Montreal Hockey Club", 'Montreals', 'Montreal AAA' or 'Winged wheels'. They defeated Halifax 21-2 in a 2 game total goals series.

The first World Series was played between Pittsburgh and who?


What Canadian hockey team was last to won the Stanley cup?

The Montreal Canadiens last won the Stanley Cup in 1993 in a five-game series victory over the Los Angeles Kings.

What is the name of Montreal's NHL hockey team?

The Montreal Canadiens. Also nick named the Habs. As the Yankees have won the most World Series in Baseball. The Montreal Canadiens have won more Stanley Cups than any other team in the NHL.

What years did the flames win the Stanley cup?

They won only once in 1989. They won in the finals against the Montreal Canadiens 4-2 in the series

Did the 2003 World Series happen in Pittsburgh?

No. The 2003 World Series was played between the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees. Pittsburgh hasn't been in the World Series since 1979.

Were the Montreal Canadiens knocked out of the playoffs by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1978?

Since the Habs won the Stanley Cup in 1978, I doubt the Leafs beat them in a series.

Did the Montreal expos ever go to the World Series?

No. The Montreal Expos never went to a World Series.

Who did the Canadiens play against in 1993 Stanley cup final?

The 1993 Stanley Cup Final Championship series was contested by the Los_Angeles_Kingsand the Montreal_CanadiensCanadiansto decide the NHL championship. It was the Kings' first appearance in the Final, the 34th for Montreal, and their first since the 1989_Stanley_Cup_Finals. The Canadians won the series 4-1 to win the team's twenty-fourth Stanley Cup.

What happened for the first time in sports in Pittsburgh in 1903?

The first World Series was played between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Americans.

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