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Q: How many games in a row has a MLB team scored at least five runs in an inning?
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Who scored 30 or more Football goals in at least five consecutive years?

Mia Hamm

Who has scored the most premiership goals in the last five minutes of games?

Manchester United

Who is the only player to have scored at least 10 goals in each of the last five Ligue 1 campaigns?

Bafetimbi Gomis

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What is the average score when in a math test two students scored 96 five students scored 81 four students scored 74 and one student scored 55?

The arithmetic mean is 79.

Most runs scored in an inning by San Francisco Giants ever?

By the San Francisco Giants: twice; 13 runs on May 7, 1966 and July 15, 1997 By the Giants all-time: five times

Who won FIFA 2010 golden boot?

The F.I.F.A golden boot was won by the German Thomas Muller , with five goals in 2010. Even though Diego Forlan, and Wesley Sneijder scored five goals they played six games.

Who has scored five goals ia prem match?

Jermaine defoe 5 v wigan 22/11/09 Andrew cole scored five against ipswich aswell i think

Which player scored most goals in a world cup match?

Oleg Salenko of Russia scored five against Cameroon in 1994.

Out of all the centuries scored in IPL till date five have been scored by players from a single country Name the country?


What is the record for most runs scored in one inning?

* Most runs scored in one inning by one team is: In the American League (17) by the Boston Red Sox on 6-18-1953 in the 7th inning. In the National League (18) by the Chicago White Stockings on 9-06-1883 in the 7th inning. Most runs scored in one inning by both teams is: American League (19) - Cleveland Indians (13) vs Boston Red Sox (6) on 4-10-1977 in the 8th inning. In the National League (18) - Chicago White Stockings (18) vs Detroit Tigers (0) on 9-06-1883 in the 7th inning.