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Q: How many games in a high school football season?
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How many games are in a football season in high school?

at my school there are 12

How many games are played in a high school football season?

at my school there are 12

How many regular season games are played for high school football teams?


How long is a high school basketball season?

A high school basketball season lasts about 3 months from November to February. It starts after the high school football season ends.

What are top ten winning streaks in high school football?

Longest winning streak is 64 games starting in the 1966 season at Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, IL

How long does a high school football season last?

Depends on the school

When is high school track season?

High school track season usually takes place in the winter and spring from December until May. High school football season takes place in the fall.

Who has the longest current losing streak in North Carolina high school football?

West Harnett High School has at least a 25 game losing streak. McDowell High School has lost 30 games into the 2011-2012 season. But this season I believe that losing streak will end.

What time do high school football games start?

Traditionally high school football games start at 6:30 or 7:00 every Friday. However each high school is subject to different game times

When does the season start for high school football team?

august 31st

Are fans allowed to use cow bells at high school football games in Iowa?

Fans are allowed to use cow bells at high school football games in Iowa. This is only not the case if the school specifically says no.

What are 3 things that happen during the fall season?

Leaves change color, it becomes colder in most areas, and high school football games happen.

Who has most interceptions in a game and a season in Florida football high school history?

I know in a season it was Jimmy strong(eastbay high school) with 14 back in i think 2002...

Who threw the most high school football touchdowns in a season?

Andrew louck

When month does the Texas high school football season generally close?


When does high school football season start?

It usually starts around august.

What is the most points scored in a season in Texas high school football?


How many plays in an average high school football game?

I really think it depends on the school size. Our school is a 4 or 5 A school and we only play like 8 games in the regular season. I really this helps find out what your looking for.

What is the percentage of fans to high school football games compared to other games?


Does Alaska have high school football?

Yes they sure do! They typically have the distinction of playing the first high school football game of the fall. Alaska starts the season a little early due to the weather!

Where can you listen to high school marching bands?

Friday nights in their school stadium. Only during football season.

What is the worst high school football team in Kansas?

Andover High(1-8) had a pretty bad football team in the 2011 season. But there is probably worse.

How many games are played in a high school baseball season?

around 60 games

Who is the record holder for most interceptions in a single season in high school football history?

Amanee mcdavid has the most interceptions in Virginia I'm high school with 85 interceptions in one season he is nicknamed the route jumper and goes to patriot high school

What is the oldest high school football Thanksgiving rivalry?

Wellesley high school vs. Needham High school on thanksgiving day is the oldest high school football rivalry. started in 1882, wellesley has won 59 games and Needham has one 53 and there has been 9 ties.