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The Final of the most recent women's world cup, the 2015 world cup was 5-2 to the US. It was their third title.

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in what sport, please be more specific

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Q: How many games in Women's World Cup Soccer finals?
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How many goals scored in the world cup finals 2010?

A total of 145 goals were scored in the 64 games played at the 2010 world cup finals.

How many games would be played in a knockout if there was sixteen teams in soccer?

A single-elimination tournament consisting of only knock-out rounds (no group play, no third-place, etc) will feature 8 games in the first round, 4 games for the quarter-finals, 2 games for the semi-finals, and 1 final game, for a total of 15 games.

What world cup soccer games have ended in ties?


How many games in the NBA finals?

In the nba finals, it is best of 7 games. -Bboy

What sports and games are played in camaroon?

soccer they are in the world cup

How many games were played in the 1998 NBA finals?

In the 1998 NBA finals 62 games were played.

How many matches will be player in the world cup?

As of the current format with 32 teams, 64 games are played in a world cup. There are 48 group games, 8 round of 16s, 4 quarter-finals, 2 semi-finals, a third place game and the final.

What are good games to watch in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

The finals are always the best games. Sometimes some group stage games are good too.

How many country join world cup 2010?

How I heard,in 2010 world cup ,there will be 32 teams,in 8 groups of 4.It means 4 quarter finals games,2 semi-finals and 1 final.

What is the world cup in soccer?

After the Olympic Games is the second most TV watched competition in the World

Which of all sports in the world is the most popular?

The Olympic Games or the soccer World Cup depending what you mean by championship.

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