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There are 302 competition events

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Q: How many games in 2012 Olympics?
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How many athletes are in 2012 Olympics games?

10,820 athletes from 204 countries competed in the 2012 London Olympics.

How many games in Olympic 2012?

there are 32 different events in the 2012 olympics.

How many games are in this years Olympics?

There will be 300 events in 26 sports at the olympics 2012! -.-

How many games in Olympic games?

36 games are playing in London 2012 Olympics

How many games are they performing in the London 2012 Olympics games in total?


How many countries participate you the 2012 Olympics games?


How many countries have particiapted in the 2012 Olympics Games?


How many athletes in the Olympics games of 2012 are from Japan?


How many medals has New Zealand won in the 2012 Olympics games?

nz have won 6 medals in the 2012 olympics

How many countries will be represented in London Olympics 2012 GAMES?


How many games in 2012 Olympics where India take parts?


How many olympic games did Michael Phelps comete in?

He will have competed in 4 Olympics after the London 2012 Olympics.

Next Olympics games?

Last Olympics Games:2008 There will be winter Olympics in 2010 and summer Olympics in 2012.

How many represented countries in 2012 olympic games?

205 countries are expected in Olympics 2012.

How many Olympics have there been?

The 2012 Summer Games in London will be the 30th celebration of the Summer Olympics. The 2014 Winter Games in Sochi will be the 22nd Winter Olympics held.

How many years has Lauren mitchell been in the Olympics?

Lauren has competed in two Olympics, the 2008 Games in Beijing and 2012 Games in London. Her best finish was 5th in floor exercise at the 2012 Games.

How many print journalist wil be in London for 2012 Olympics games?


How many different sports will feature in the London 2012 Olympics games?


How many different sports are going to be played in the Olympics games in 2012?


How many athletes are competing in the summer olympic games Brazil 2012?

104 athletes are competing in the Olympics games for Brazil 2012

What country will hold the Olympics Games in 2012?

The 2012 Olympics will be held at London, England, in the UK.

How many games are in the Olympic games?

There are 29 sports in the Summer Olympics (although only 26 sports will be at the 2012 Olympics). There are 15 sports in the Winter Olympics (all 15 were held at the 2010 Olympics).

What is the number of the 2012 Olympics?

Games of the XXX Olympiad or the 30th Olympics

How many times has holly bleasdale been in the Olympics?

The 2012 Games in London will Holly's first time competing at the Olympics.

How many olyimpic sports are there?

there were a total of 36 games in the london 2012 olympics. and they will include golf in 2016 brazil olympics