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Q: How many games have the packers won in a row during the regular season and playoffs?
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Which football team is the best packers or Giants?

i say a draw the packers only lost one game during the regular season then in the playoffs the giants beat them and won the super bowl

Are the vikings in the playoffs?

No they were knocked out of the playoffs during the 2011 season

Most wins in NFL?

Chicago Bears, as of start of 2011 season, 704 Regular Season wins, 721 including Playoffs. Green Bay Packers are second with 664 Regular Season wins, 693 including Playoffs. NY Giants are third with 636 Regular Season wins, 656 including Playoffs. Pittsburg Steelers are fourth with 546 Regular Season wins, 579 including Playoffs. source: NFL

Will the Green Bay Packers lose in 2011?

The packers had an amazing regular season in 2011 going 15-1. Unfortunatly they did not do as well in the playoffs and lost in the divisional round.

Who had more wins between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2009 regular season?

During the 2009 regular season, the Packers were 11-5 and the Steelers were 9-7.

How did the Green Bay Packers finish in the 2010 season?

In the 2010 regular season the Packers finished 11-5 with a .688 win percentage. They lost in the first round of the playoffs 51-45 to Arizona.

Who had more wins between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2010 season?

During the 2010 regular season, the Steelers were 12-4 and the Packers were 10-6.

What are the most wins without making the NFL playoffs?

As of the 2008 season, that would be 11 by the 1985 Denver Broncos, 1967 Baltimore Colts, and 1963 Green Bay Packers. The Broncos played a 16 game regular season schedule, the Colts and Packers played a 14 game regular season schedule.

What was Vince Lombardi's career record as Green Bay Packers head coach?

89-29-4 in the regular season and 9-1 in the playoffs.

Who wins most in Packers versus patriots?

The regular season series is tied 4-4 (the next game will be 12/19/10) and the Packers are 1-0 in the playoffs (Super Bowl XXXI).

What was the Packers final record for the 2006 regular season?

The Packers final record for the 2006 regular season was 8-8.

What is a regular season play?

Not the playoffs.