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The awesome Chicago Bears lead the packers 92-82-6. That means there has been 180 games played between the rival NFC north teams.

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Q: How many games have the Chicago Bears played the packers?
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Who has won more games green bay packers or Chicago Bears?

the Bears have the most wins out of any team in the NFL.

How many times have the bears played the packers?

179 games entering 2011.

NFL who has played the most games?

Chicago Bears

What year did Bears and Packers start playing?

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers started playing each other in 1921. It is the longest rivalry in the NFL. Chicago holds the edge with 93 wins against 89 losses, with 6 tied games.

Who has won the most championship games between the bears and packers?

The bears

Have the Chicago Bears ever played two games in one day?


How many times have the Chicago Bears played at Lambeau field in Green Bay and what was their winning percentage?

As of the 2nd game of the 2009-10 season the Packers and Bears have played 84 games in Lambeau Field and their record is dead even at 40-40-4.

Who was on the 1963 Chicago Bears roster?

Click on the '1963 Chicago Bears' link below to see the roster of the '63 Bears along with stats and games played.

How many games did the packers lost to the bears?


Which university hosted the Chicago Bears' home games in 2002?

During the 2002 Soldier Field re-construction, the Chicago Bears played their home games in nearby Champaign, Illinois

Who played the most games in a Chicago Bears uniform?

Steve McMichael holds the record playing in 191 games in a Bears uniform from 1981 to 1993.

Who do the Chicago Bears play in the playoffs of 2011?

That will depend on which teams win the first round playoff games that will be played on the weekend of January 8-9. Since the Bears are the second seed in the NFC, they get a week off and then will play the highest seeded winner of the Saints (#5 seed) vs. Seahawks (#4 seed) and Eagles (#3 seed) vs. Packers (#6 seed) games. If the Eagles beat the Packers, the Bears will play the Eagles as the Eagles would be the highest seeded winner. If the Packers beat the Eagles, the Bears will play the winner of the Saints/Seahawks game.

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