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78 mate

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Q: How many games have giggs and scholes played together?
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Who has played in more Man United games - Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes?


Who was the first player to play 500 English Premiership games?

Gary speed with leeds, everton, Newcastle and Bolton.

2 players still in premiership that have played over 400 prem league games?

The two players are Ryan Giggs and paul Scholes.

Who has played nearly 100 games with Ryan giggs?

Paul Scholes, he's been with Man U for more than a decade already

Who has played most champions league games?

Ryan Giggs, the welsh player who played for Manchester United, has played the most CHampions League games. He has played 141 champions league games.

7 players 2 have won the champions league an played in Manchester an merseyside derbys?

Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes 1999 champion league winners.

Who has played the most league games?

Ryan Giggs

Who is the most capped premier league player?

Hi! I'm a Man U Fan!! The top 3 of all time are: 1. Ryan Giggs 2. Bobby Charlton 3. Bill Foulkes The top 3 currently are: 1. Ryan Giggs 2. Paul Scholes 3. John o'Shea

Which player has won English top league in 3 different decades?

Scholes, giggs, Dixon, Hanson

Who are Manchester united best player's?

david beckham & Cristiano ronaldo and paul scholes Rooney and giggs

How much football games has Ryan giggs played?


Who has played the most premier league games?

Ryan Giggs