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The Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners have played each other 64 times.

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Q: How many games have been played between the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners in football played?
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Who won Bedlam 2009?

Bedlam is a college football rivlery, between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The answer is... the Oklahoma Sooners.

Between Oklahoma sooners and the Texas longhorns who has more head to head wins?

Texas all the way mate

What is the record between Oklahoma and Texas?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2007 season the Longhorns lead the series over the Sooners 57-39-5.

What is the Red River Shootout?

The annual college football game between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners. It is called that because the Red River forms part of the border between the two states.

How many times have the Texas Longhorns beat the Sooners?

Oklahoma 40 wins and Texas 58 wins with 5 ties between the two teams. The first game was in 1900 with several years in the 20's where the two teams did not meet.

2008 football score between Texas longhorns and Texas aggies?

Texas 49-9 tamu

Who has won the most football games between University of Oklahoma and Nebraska University?


What is the record between Alabama and Oklahoma in football?

Alabama is 1-2-1 against Oklahoma.

What former UT head coach played for the ou sooners?

Darrell Royal was head coach of the University of Texas between 1959-1976 and played quarterback for the University of Oklahoma between 1946-1949.

What is the all time record between Florida vs Oklahoma?

As of the 2008 season, Florida and Oklahoma have never met in college football.

Who will win this years national champion ship in football between Florida and Oklahoma?


Who won between Oklahoma and Kansas football in 1992?

October 24, 1992: Kansas 27, Oklahoma 10. The game was played in Lawrence.

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