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Liverpool have played 15 games this seasonbut have only won 6

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Q: How many games have Liverpool football club played this year?
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Which Spanish football club Maradona had played for?

The club he played against was Liverpool.

Have Liverpool football club always played at anfield?

No, Anfield is Liverpool's football field, they played at home (anfield) sometimes. Not always.

In which country is Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Did messi ever play for Liverpool?

Lionel Messi has never played for Liverpool football club in his football career.

What Jewish men played for Liverpool football club?

It is the Liverpool winger Yoosi Benayoun.

Where is the Liverpool football club located?

Liverpool play their football at An field.

Is Liverpool a City?

Liverpool is Football Club

Who is the best English football club?

Liverpool Football Club of course.

Does Steven Gerrard play for Liverpool Football Club?

Yes.He has played there for the entirety of his career.

When did Liverpool football club ever played in blue?

They played in a blue and white strip from 1892-1894.

What do you mean by Liverpool fc?

It stands for Liverpool football club.

Who is better Liverpool football club or manchesterunited football club?

Man United