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Q: How many games have Chicago bulls lost?
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How many champions do phoenix sun have?

0. But went in 1996 but lost to the Chicago Bulls in 6 games.

How many games have the Bulls won with Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan won 16 games with the Chicago bulls

How many games have the Chicago Bulls won?


How many people on the Chicago Bulls?

there are 16 people on the Chicago bulls team.

How many champions do the Chicago bulls have?

the chicago bulls have won 6 championchips

How many are on the Chicago Bulls?

there are 80 people on the bulls

How many players in Chicago Bulls?

There are fourteen players on the Chicago Bulls for the 2011-2012 season.

How many NBA rings does the Chicago bulls have?

The Chicago Bulls have won 7 NBA Campionships

Why do the Chicago bulls jersey's say los bulls?

At certain games in the season, typically in March, many NBA teams have something akin to Latin Night in Chicago where the teams wear special jerseys with the name in Spanish (typically something like Los Bulls, etc).

How many games has Michael Jordan won in overtime?

Michel Jordan has won 16 , sixteen games for the Chicago Bulls in the overtime of a game.

How many times did the Chicago Bulls go to the NBA finals?

The Chicago Bulls were in 6 NBA finals

How many games have the Chicago Blackhawks lost?

The Chicago Blackhawks are a hockey franchise that was founded in 1926. They have won a total of 2415 games and lost a total of 2502 games, making their overall winning percentage about 49%.

How many times did Kirk Hinrich lead the Chicago Bulls in assists out of the 6 games they played in the 2006 Playoffs?


How many times have the Chicago bulls made it to the nba playoffs?

The Chicago Bulls have made the playoffs 29 out of their 44 seasons.

How many titles of Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls have 6 Championships: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998.

How Many rings did Chicago bulls win in Chicago?


How many home games did the Chicago Cubs lose in 2010?

The Chicago Cubs lost 46 games at home in 2010. Their record was 35-46.

How many games did the Chicago Bears win?

The Chicago Bears have won this year 13 and lost 3 I believe :-)

How many Chicago basketball teams are there?

There is only one: the Chicago Bulls.

How many players are on the Chicago Bulls?


How many playoffs Chicago Bulls went to?


How many championships did the Chicago Bulls win?


How many championships does the Chicago Bulls have?

6 (1991,1992,1993,1996,1997,1998)

How many chamionship has Chicago Bulls won?


How many NBA Finals did Michael Jordan win with the Bulls?

Michael Jordan won 6 NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan never lost a finals series. In all the NBA Finals series he played, he received the Finals MVP award.