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They have won 426 games - tied for 14th all time in league history - and 19 playoff games with four Conference titles.

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Q: How many games has the vikings won?
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How many games have the Vikings won this season?

The Minnesota Vikings have won zero games in the 2010 season thus far. They are 0-2 with losses to the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins.

Have the vikings won a game?

I believe that they won 1 or 2 games .

How many battles did the vikings win?

Vikings won many battles, yet the number of battles they won are still in mystery.

How many games games have the lions won this season?

5. They are 5-10, pending the result of the Vikings-Lions game later today.

What games did vikings play?

Vikings played many board games in the language ''Old Norse''

How many games have the Vikings won at Lambeau?

The Vikings are 21-26-1 all time at Lambeau Field, winning 11 of 12 between 1966-1977They tied in 1978 and won in all of the following years.196419661967196819691971197219731974197519761977198119831986199119921993199820032005

How many superbowls have the vikings won?

The Minnesota Vikings are 0-4 in Super Bowl appearances.

How many regular season football games have the Carolina Panthers won this season 2009-10?

they won 8 games they beat the Redskins,Bucs,Cardinals,Falcons,Bucs,Vikings,Giants,saints

What years did the vikings make the NFC championship?

Vikings have been to 7 Championship games in their conference; Won 3 lost 4, however, these games were after the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Before then, the Vikings have won NFL titles before they had to play teams in the other conference.

How many times have vikings won in green bay?


How many times have the vikings won?

So far, in 2010, the Minnesota Vikings have a record of 2-3

How many times have the Minnesota Vikings won against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Vikings have won 8 and lost 7 in the regular season to the Steelers. The Steelers also defeated the Vikings in Super Bowl 10.

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