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the cardinals have won 57 games and lost 49 as of august 3rd

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Q: How many games has the cardinals won in 2012?
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How many world series will the cardinals won by 2012?


How many Super Bowl games have the Cardinals won?


How many games did the Arizona Cardinals win in 1998?

In 1998 they won 9 games.

How many times has St. Louis and Detroit played each other in the world series?

3 ... 1934 won by the Cardinals 4 games to 3, 1968 won by the Tigers 4 games to 3, and 2006 won by the Cardinals 4 games to 1.

How many games have they won this year?

2 i think I only know the one they won to was against the mets

What years did the St. Louis Cardinals play the Yankees in the world series?

Through the 2008 season, the Cardinals and Tigers have met in the World Series 3 times: 1) 1934 - Cardinals won 4 games to 3. 2) 1968 - Tigers won 4 games to 3. 3) 2006 - Cardinals won 4 games to 1.

How many games have Atlanta Braves won in 2012?


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How many medals has New Zealand won in the 2012 Olympics games?

nz have won 6 medals in the 2012 olympics

How many Super Bowls have cardinals won?

The Cardinals have never won the Super bowl.

What is the the Royals vs Cardinals win loss record in the past 5 years?

Between 2005-2009, the Cardinals won 16 games and the Royals won 11 games.

How many medals has Greece won at the 2012 Olympic games?

Greece won a total of 2 medals at the 2012 Olympic Games. They won 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal.