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Q: How many games has sonny bill Williams played for the all blacks?
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How many international matches has sonny bill williams played?

Sonny Bill Williams has played 7 international games for New Zealand

What position does sonny bill williams play in the all blacks?


What sport has Sonny bill Williams been competing in recently?

Sonny Bill Williams has competing in Rugby Union World Cup for the New Zealand All Blacks recently.

What is the birth name of Sonny Bill Williams?

Sonny Bill Williams's birth name is Sonny William Williams.

What was sonny bill Williams position in rugby league?

sonny bill williams all black top number is number 12

What nicknames does Sonny Bill Williams go by?

Sonny Bill Williams goes by SBW.

When was Sonny Bill Williams born?

Sonny Bill Williams was born on August 3, 1985.

What city was Sonny Bill Williams born in?

Sonny Bill Williams was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

Does sonny bill Williams have a wife?

no, sonny is gay.

How many points has sonny bill Williams scored?

Sonny Bill Williams has scored 1,172 points in his LIFE!

What is Sonny Bill Williams so well known for?

Sonny Bill Williams is well known for being a New Zealand rugby player. Sonny Bill Williams also boxes. Williams was born in August of 1985 in Auckland, New Zealand.

How old is Sonny Bill Williams?

Sonny Bill Williams is 32 years old (birthdate: August 3, 1985).