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Q: How many games has LeBron James played in his whole career?
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How many games has lebron James played?

all of them

How many playoff games has lebron James played in?


How did LeBron James find his way into his career?

LeBron James was known as the best basketball player in the state. Who wouldn't want him on their team? He had scouts at almost all of his games and people in other states and counties even traveled and cheered on LeBron and his amazing team ( the fab five ) at his games!

How many all-star games did LeBron James play in?

LeBron James has played in every all star game since 2005, so six so far.

How many all-star games has lebron james played in?

6 allstar games going on 7 on february 14

How many games has lebron played?

471 games

What does LeBron James do before games?

he goes home

How many games has Lebron James fouled out of?


How many games have Lebron James lost?


How many games has LeBron James won?

134,678 games he has won

How many games has LeBron James lost?

le bron james has lost 319,5467 games

How many NBA all-star games has LeBron James been in?

Lebron James has been in 7 NBA All-Star games. He has been in every game from 2005-2011.

How many games does LeBron James have a year?

Each team plays 70 games a year so if Lebron James doesn't get injured or anything, he'll play the whole 70 games per season.

What cellphone does LeBron James have?

he has a blackberry he says it it in one of his games 7865532979

What are Lebron James top ten highest scoring games?


How many 50 pointer games has lebron James had?

Lebron has had 8 50-point games, his last one being against the Sacremento Kings.

Who is the youngest player to reach ten thousand points in the NBA?

Lebron James, it was Kobe before him. However this is age, not fewest games played.

What medal did lebron James win his first Olympics?

Lebron's first Olympic medal was a Bronze at the 2004 Olymic games.

How many games has lebron played in 2010?

o years

Who got the last triple double in the Olympics basketball games?

Lebron James

Does lebron James believe in Jesus?

Yes, it seems as if LeBron James does believe in Jesus. He has stated during numerous interviews that during games, he puts his faith in Christ.

How many Olympic medals has LeBron James won?

Lebron has won 2 Olympic Medals, a Bronze Medal at the 2004 games and a Gold Medal at the 2008 games.

How did LeBron James get involved with basketball?

As a 5-6 year old, he played in a little league who's season consisted of 5 games. James's team won all 5.

Who holds the MLB record for most games played in a career?

Pete Rose, who played in 3,562 games in his career.

How many points did lebron James score in his last two games?

27 and 24