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Through the 2010 season, the Dallas Cowboys posted a 6-and-10 record.

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The Dallas Cowboys have lost 5 games this season, and as of 5:30 p.m. on 12/14/08, they are currently playing the cowboys.

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Q: How many games has Dallas lost this year?
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Did the Dallas Cowboys ever lose 12 games in a season?

The Dallas Cowboys have lost more than 12 games in a season on two occasions - in 1989, when they had a 1-15 record, and in the previous year, 1988, when they had a 3-13 record.

What year did Seattle and Dallas have play-off game?

In the 2006 season Dallas and Seattle played in the wild card game, Dallas lost.

When was the last Thanksgiving game the cowboys lost?

The last time the Dallas Cowboys lost two Thanksgiving Week games was during the 2001 season, the year after quarterback Troy Aikman's retirement from pro football. Both contests were played at Texas Stadium. On November 18, Dallas was defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles, 36-3. Four days later, on November 22, the Cowboys -- with Ryan Leaf at quarterback -- lost a squeaker to the Denver Broncos, 26-24.The Cowboys also lost both Thanksgiving Week games the year before.

How many games have the gators lost this year?

none the gators are number 1 nationally

How many games have the New England Partiots lost in the year 2011-2012?

Seven regular season games and two playoff games.

How many NBA titles do Dallas have?

1/ They beat maimi heats in the year 2011. They beat the Heats 4-2. Maimi won the first two games then dallas won the rest

What team did the Dallas Cowboys lose to this year?

They lost to New England in Game 6 (Oct 14). Heres a list of all their games:

How many games has Tim Tebow lost?

As a starter, he's lost 7. The group of seniors that graduated this year at Florida were the most winningest group in SEC history.

What is meant by playoffs that Cowboys won?

The playoffs are held after the regular season in any given year (including Super Bowl appearances). As of the 2014 season, the Dallas Cowboys have won 34 playoff games and lost 26.

How many games have the rangers played in the World Series this year?

The Texas Rangers lost the 2010 World Series in five games to the San Francisco Giants.

How many games did the Atlanta Falcons win in the season of 2011?

They won 10 of their 16 games, they made it to the playoffs that year but lost to the New York Giants

How many tornadoes does Dallas have per year?

well they have about 3 tornadoes each year