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about 100

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Q: How many games football games has England won?
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How many football games have the New England Patriots won?

They have won 426 regular season games, three Superbowls, and 21 additional playoff games, for an aggregate of 450 wins.

How many times did England won European world cup?

This question is mixed up. England has won the football "World Cup" just once, in 1966. England has never won a football European Cup.

How many Cups have England won in football?

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How many football games has weslaco high won?

they have won 11

How many games have the redskins won during the 2017 football season?

4 games won

How many time England won the world cup football?


How many World Cups have England won the football World Cup?

England have only won one World Cup in 1966.

How many football championship games has the Florida gators won?


How many games have won in the world cup?


How many gold medals have England won at 2012?

England does not have a team in the Olympic games.

How many times have the bears won a football game?

The Bears have played in 60 Monday Night Football games. Out of those 60 games, they have won 24 games and lost 26. Their last win on Monday Night Football was against the Dallas Cowboys in 2013.

How many games has K State football won since 1995?