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I depends. The lowest possible is 16, the highest is 28.

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Q: How many games does each team NBA play in the playoffs?
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How many basketball games does each team play in total?

In the NBA each team plays 82 games in a regular season. The top 8 teams in each conference go through to the playoffs where they play a minimum of 16 more games

How many games do NBA players play not including playoffs?


How many games does High school lacrosse play?

for my high school in Pennsylvania we play 18 games + playoffs.

How many matches each team will play in ipl 2012?

They each play 16 unless a team makes the playoffs.

How many playoff games in MLB?

The playoffs currently have a format: Division League Series - Best of 5 League Championship Series - Best of 7 World Series - Best of 7 Only 4 teams from each league make the playoffs, the to win the World Series you could play as few as 11 games in the playoffs, or as many as 19 games.

How many games did Andre Rison play in Green Bay?

8 including playoffs

Two teams play how many games to win playoffs?

Between two teams, to win a playoff you should win 4 games out of 7. But the entire playoffs is composed of 2 rounds and the conference finals. So a team needs to win 3 rounds with 7 games each.

How many teams play in the football playoffs?

the 16 best teams. they play in the playoffs.

How many Home games do the LA Dodgers play in 2015?

It depends, during the the regular season the Dodgers play 81 games at Dodger Stadium, but they are in the playoffs so there will be at least two more home games but it could be more depending how far they make it in the playoffs.

How many football games do the Pittsburgh Steelers play in one season?

The Steelers, like ever other NFL team, play four pre-season games and 16 regular season games each year. They can also make the playoffs, depending on their final standings.

How many games does. each NFL team play each season?

How many football games does each NFL team play per season

How many teams play in the World Series and how does the World Series work?

There are 4 teams in each the American, and National League that make the playoffs. Each league has three division winners, and a wild card team that play each other in the playoffs. The winning team of each league plays in the World Series in a best of 7 format. The team that wins 4 games first are the World Champions..

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