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There are only 68 major league umpires, so they work pretty consistently. The work 31 weeks with spring training and the regular season. They get four weeks off during that season, and approx two days a month, and they are working all the others. The average umpire in the pros, during spring training and the regular season, can do as many as 180 games without brinking an eye!!

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Q: How many games does an umpire work per season?
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How many games a year does a major league umpire work?

This is just an educated guess... I would assume they would work the whole preseason and season. I don't see why an umpire would want to miss a game, because once the season is over, that's it. Only a select few umpires will work in the postseason. My guess is however many games are played in preseason, plus the 162 games of the season, they are working somewhere.

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