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Q: How many games does an average gamer play for a day?
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How much time does the average America play video games?

The average gamer will play about one hour a day average on the Nintendo Wii. However, the average Xbox 360 and PS3 gamer will play 3-4 hours. Information from GameInformer.

Are you a gamer if you play Angry Birds?

Not if it is the only game that you play. If you play Angry Birds along with many other games, you could be considered a gamer.

What is a true gamer?

if you want to be Gamer you have to play everyday to be master gamer if you just want to be gamer then play only 3 or 2 hours everyday Like almost everyday Gamer means you play a lot video games that's what it means.

How many times does the average gamer play call of duty modern warfare 3?

As many times as they want

Are you a nerd if you play video games?

No, you're a gamer.

What is a gamer?

A person who exchanges information online with others he or she plays video games with~Apex

What is the average number of ds games a dedicated ds player should have?

There is no specific number a dedicated DS gamer or Nintendo Fan should have. A dedicated player usually would have around as many games as they really would like to play.

How do you get the Golden Gamer award on Miniclip?

Play lots of games. After 3.5 stars you should get it.

How do you get a gold gamer award in miniclip?

Play lots of games, I think it may be after 3.5 stars.

Should girls play video games?

well it depends on the girl I'm a guy that's a pretty big gamer and i think it would be a good thing if i was dating a girl that was a gamer too so yeah girls should play video games.

How can you transfer zynga coins from one game to another?

Zynga is a computer gaming company that has many popular games people like to play. There are games that the gamer earns coins and they are for the game only there are nontransferable.

How many hours of video games does the average American play?