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Including the Super Bowl, teams that enter the playoffs with a bye in the first round play 18 games (16 regular and 2 in the playoffs). For all other playoff teams, the answer is 19. In 1972, the Miami Dolphins won all of their games; 14 regular season and 3 in the playoffs becoming the only undefeated team since the post AFL-NFL merger.

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Anywhere from 0 to 16.

The playoff spots are given to four division champions and two wild cards.

It is possible for all teams in a division to finish the season with zero wins. Then the team in that division that wins the series of tie-breakers would be eligible for the playoffs.

Conversely, it is also possible for two second place teams to finish with 15-1 records, of which both would qualify for the wild card.

Any team with a 16-0 record would automatically win the division, thus qualifying for the playoffs.

But the minimum number of wins required to qualify for the playoffs depends on either having enough wins to win the division or to win a wild card berth by having a better record than all but one other non division winner.

[Just a note, divisional teams must play each team in their division twice a season at least, so you'd never be able to have all four teams with zero wins. The best low-end tie scenario would come from each notching two wins over their divisional rivals.]

[Yes, zero wins for all four teams is possible, just extremely unlikely. If in every divisional matchup the teams tie, then all teams have zero wins. Since ties technically count as half a win and half a loss, the result could be treated as if each team went 3-3 in the division. I phrased the answer that way because the question is how many wins are needed for a playoff spot. But eliminating ties from the equation, the answer is between 3 and 16.]

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You might if you get 6 but for sure you will with 7

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It depends on the regular-season records of numerous NFC and AFC teams, as well as the postseason seeding of playoff teams.

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Q: How many games does a team have to win for playoffs?
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Two teams play how many games to win playoffs?

Between two teams, to win a playoff you should win 4 games out of 7. But the entire playoffs is composed of 2 rounds and the conference finals. So a team needs to win 3 rounds with 7 games each.

How many games did Cleveland cavaliers win in the 2006 playoffs?

they won 10 games in the playoffs

How many in the Stanley cup playoffs?

They're could be as many as 105 games played if every series went 7 games. Minimum number of games for one team to win is 16.

Approxamately how many games do you have to win to get in the nba playoffs?

You dont need to win a certain amount. Instead, you have to be top in your division.

How many games are there in a NBA season?

Each team plays 82 games in a regular season. They play 41 games at home and 41 games away. The amount of games may vary if the team makes it to the playoffs. In order to win an NBA championship, the team must win 16 games, whether it be all at home or away.

How many games did the cavaliers win against the magics playoffs?


How many MLB games per season?

162 games in the regular season. If the team makes the playoffs there is a possibility of a maximum of 21 more games to win The world Series.

How many games in the first round of the nba playoffs to win the series?


How many teams make playoffs in MLB?

Eight. Four teams make the playoffs in each league. There are three divisions in each league and the three teams that wind up in first place in their division make the playoffs. The fourth team to make the playoffs is the team that did not win their division but has the best overall record of all the teams that did not win their division. That team is called the "wildcard" team.

How many games in NBA playoffs?

7 game series.

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Can an athlete win an MVP in his sport if his team does not make the playoffs?

of course, If the player that is chosen did not make the playoffs, he will win the MVP award.