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Usually two unless you get to 6 all then you go into a tiebreak to seven.

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Q: How many games do you have to win by to win a set in tennis?
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How many games do you need to win the set in tennis?

You need 6 games to win a set in tennis but you must win by 2 games. If the score is 6-4, you have won the set but if the score is 6 - 5 you will need to play another game. If the score becomes 7-5 you have won the set and if the score becomes 6-6 you play a tiebreaker.

What do you have to do to win a set in tennis?

Be the first to win 6 games with a winning margin of at least 2 games, if not at 6-6 a tie-breaker will be played and its winner will win the set.

What is the minimum number of games you need to win to clinch a set in tennis?


What does a set mean in tennis?

a set means that one side or player has won six games. The winner of the set must win by two games.

What determines a set in tennis?

First to win 6 games or if it is 6-5, pr 5-6 it is first to win 7 games.

Amy and brain played 3 tennis. Amy won six games in each set. Brain won a 2.5 as many games. How many games did brain win?


In tennis one must have 6 of these to win the set?

6 games. However, if you are at 6-5 you must have 7 games under your belt to win the set. If the score is at 6-6, apart from the 6 games you also have to win a tie break.

What is the least number of points needed to win a set at tennis?

In a tennis match you need 15 points to win a set!!!! xxx

How many games do you need to win a match in tennis?

About 3 games, you need to win a tennis match, but sometimes people do 2 matchs or 1, so basically that's the amount of matchs you need to win a tennis match. Thanks for Asking!!!

How many sets to win a tennis match?

For Mens you need to win three games to win but for women it is only two

How many tennis games did Venus Williams win?

colin Johnson has won more games in history. in 1956 he was the first African American to win 742 tennis game in one day.

How many games did Serena Williams win in tennis?

she hit it hard so they cant get it

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