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82 games

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Q: How many games do the rockets play in a season of NBA?
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How many games will the patriots playing this season?

They will play 16 regular season games.

What year did Charles barkley go to the Houston rockets?

Did charles barkley play for houston rockets

How many games do they play in one season?


How many games does the NHL play in a season?


How many games do footballers play?

There are 18 games in a season of arena football.

How many home games do the Cleveland Indians play 2009?

In the regular season, not in the off season, the Indians play 81 total home games.

How many games do pro hockey teams play in a season?

82 regular season games exist in a season.

How many games in a MLB season?

There are 162 games in a MLB regular season. Add that to as many as 36 exhibition games and a possible 19 post season games and MLB team could play as many as 217 games in a year.

How many games did the Houston Astros play in the series?


How many games did the NFL play in 1987?

The NFL's regular season in 1987 was 15 games. The season was shortened by a strike.

How many games do football player play?

There are 18 games in a season of arena football.

How many games did the Philadelphia Athletics play a season?

Between 1901-1903 the average season was 140 games. Between 1904-1954 the average season was 154 games.