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Through September 28, 2010, the Yankees have four games remaining. One at Toronto and three at Boston.

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In 2008 the New York Yankees did not make make the playoffs for the first time since 1995.

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Q: How many games do the New York Yankees have left to play until the regular season is over?
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Who was the manager of the New York Yankees in 1929?

Miller Huggins managed the Yankees in 1929 until his death on September 25th. Art Fletcher managed the last 11 games of the season.

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There are 82 games in a regular NHL season. (not counting playoff games)

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As the Yankees' season doesn't begin until Spring, there is no way of making any judgements right now.

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Phil Housely and Dale Hunter come to mind glancing at the all time games leaders but I'm pretty young so there may be some players from early in the 20th century I do not know about who didn't win the cup. The record had been held by Dave Andreychuk, who had played 1597 regular season and 1758 total games without winning, until he captained the Tampa Bay Lightning to their '04 Cup win. At this point, Housley is the leader with 1495 regular season games. Scott Mellanby leads among active players with 1362 regular season games.